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Working together with Laurence (Montisoro) is very effective for our health care and absenteeism program. Our associates experience the follow-up and phone calls from Laurence when they are sick at home, as a third party, less offensive then when they would be called by ourselves as employer or from the direct manager, because it is considered as more neutral and more in respect to their privacy. Laurence is working in a very flexible way towards us but also towards our personnel when they are sick at home. It saves us a lot of administration on the HR department because the follow up is planned by Laurence, the reports are standardized, easy to file and to retrieve but they also respect the privacy of our employees. No direct pressure to restart to work, but a human approach with a listening ear, with a result that people feel respected which prevents their disconnection from the company when ill.

William De Plecker, HR Manager

Laurence is an outstanding project director She understand very quickly the business She has an excellent relationship with her colleagues and is able to stand firmly in front of very senior people

Philippe Menier, CEO Menier Consult