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Roman: 'Op stap met mijn innerlijke ik'

Nowadays, society cannot ignore the existance of stress and burn-out. Often a burn-out is preceded by years of stress and robbery on the body that you initially do not notice. Gradually it subverts your body and mind until you are burned out.

In 'Op stap met mijn innerlijke ik', you will be taken along, in a playful way, in the true life story of a 38-year-old woman who is suffering from burn-out. She describes how she deals with the exhaustion of her body, her fears and insecurity, the effect on her family, work, social life and circle of friends. Accompanied by a team of doctors, coaches and therapists, she goes in search of herself and knows how to fight a way back to healing.

'Op stap met mijn innerlijke ik' is the first book from author L C Bergh and, above all, wants to give the reader an honest picture of what is going on in the head and body of people who suffer from burn-out.

Release date: februari 9, 2019

Language: Dutch

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Informative pocket: 'Je persoonlijke groeidagboek bij stress, overspannenheid of burn-out.'

This book contains more than just theories. Together with my unique and creative diary system, it is part of a strategy to combat stress, overstrain and burn-out in a way that has worked for me personally.

It is a colorful book full of support, bite-sized information about stress, overstrain and burn-out and it also contains advice and exercises. The accompanying diary gives you the space to plan your personal growth process every day, because writing works therapeutically for many people. You can use the diary individually as an outlet or as support during one of my coaching sessions.

Both parts, the book and the diary system, are available separately.

Know that the support of your doctor, coach or therapist is also part of a good and structured healing process.

Who is this book for?

Hopefully you will belong to the target group upon receipt. If that is not the case, give the book as a gift to someone who can use it.

Are you:

  • Someone who wants to know more about stress, overstrain and burnout, the book is already recommended.
  • A company or organization that wants to support its teams with stress, overstrain and burnout, then this book is a nice added value for your employees.
  • Someone who has to cope with stress, stress and burnout. Then you may also benefit from the diary system and customized coaching.

Release datum: 8 mei 2019
Language: Dutch (English under construction)

Price: 18.15 € VAT incl.

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