Make a wish, take a chance, make a change


The importance of paying attention to both the mental and physical well-being of your employees is very important to us. As a born project manager and well-trained consultant in stress and burn-out management, my goal is to inspire companies and organisations to view daily tasks and projects from a different angle. Not only taking into account the costs and duration, but especially by looking at the people involved. People make the difference between good or bad delivery. When people feel involved, feel flow, you get a lot more dedication and a better result. You reduce absenteeism, stress, burnout and even exhaustion in all layers of the organisation.


Customer satisfaction is very important at Montisoro. That is why we are committed to listen to your challenges and expectations with the utmost precision and respect. Every request is unique to us. During an accompanying work session, we are happy to clarify, together with you, the goals and map the development plan for your organisation. Our packages around the approach to the reduction of absenteeism already provide you a nice overview of the possibilities that we can offer. Together we refine the issue to come to a fitting solution, tailored to your organisation or company.


With Montisoro we offer organisations an approach to reduce absenteeism due to illness, both in a preventive and curative way.