Make a wish, take a chance, make a change


I am Laurence Van den Bergh and in 2017 I started my new professional journey with the creation of Montisoro.
For 19 years, I worked for an international organization where I held various positions that contributed to discovering and developing my own talents and interests. These positions were located in customer service, logistics, marketing, project management, training and development and strategy departments and focused on both internal and external organisations.

Next to that, I am also a partner | mother | animal lover | loyal | caring | great sense of responsibility | meditation | yoga | nature lover | result driven | productive | strategic | visionary | analytical | impatient | versatile | authentic | inspired by talent and development | architecture | coaching | counselor | consultant | knowledge sharing | (process)improver | leader | reforming decision-maker | practical | strict | project manager | verbally strong | direct


Montisoro is all about empowerment in which each party is responsible for their own development and actions.

  • Enabling employees to take the lead in terms of their personal wellbeing, attitude and career.
  • Enabling organisations to set an example for their employees when it comes to wellbeing in the workplace. ‘Caring for' is an attitude that everyone can adopt.


Well-being is more than the weekly fruit basket or fitness subscription. Wellbeing is when organisations take responsibility for treating their employees in a sustainable way. After all, they are the foundation of the organisation.

A well thought out wellbeing policy strengthens the company’s health and its employees. Where would the organisation end up, without the people working there? Exactly. Nowhere.

Times change and so does the way we work. Performing more in a shorter time, high agility and running at a fast pace in this digital rat race often causes an overburdening of the individual. It is therefore not surprising that stress and burn-out are spreading like wildfire in our society.

At Montisoro, we believe in a holistic approach that has an impact on both the ambitious organisation and its employees.

What we believe in

Together with Performance College, Performance Consulting en Performance Coaching from the Netherlands, we work together as a Flock Leaders to obtain deeper insights in order to obtain a deeper insight and an optimal result for our customers. We do this by pursuing the following values:

Customer Intimacy

We like numbers, but not in our dealings with customers. This ensures that we give your customer experience a personal touch.


Everyone is equal for us.


We are honouring our commitments.


We like to talk to people and not about people. This is the only way to create the right connection and achieve the desired goals.

Having fun

We do what we like and this gives us energy!